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MapInfo Professional 9.5.35

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Category: Ingénierie

MapInfo Professional v9.5.35

MapInfo Professional v9.0
 MapInfo Professional v9.0, the industry's leading business mapping solution, lets you perform sophisticated and detailed data analysis to better understand business information. Use MapInfo Professional to:

* View and plug-in MapMart Data Sets Seamlessly
* Utilizes all Raster, Vector and database formats
* Create highly detailed maps to enhance presentations and aid in decision making
* Reveal patterns and trends in your data that may otherwise be impossible to see
* Perform sophisticated and extensive data analysis
* Understand customer and marketplace demographics
* Manage geographically based assets, such as stores, people and property
* Plan logistics and prepare for emergency response
* The award-winning MapInfo Professional package includes a built-in geocoder, more than 450 MB of data and an extensive collection of pre-designed maps. It's simple to use, powerful and easily integrates with other mapping applications

Version: 2008
last update: Tuesday, December 23 2008
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