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Pro Android

Pro Android
Pro Android

Android is Google’s answer to the iPhone and BlackBerry, and at the very least, has advantages in terms of multitasking, running apps in the background and others.

This book is a detailed look at all aspects of application development on Google’s Mobile OS including detailed discussion of the APIs and how to use them. It focuses on giving developers the essential tools and examples required to make viable commercial applications work.
Date de sortie: Mercredi 11 mai 2011
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iPhone - iPod - iPad Utilities Apps 2011

Date de sortie: Samedi 07 mai 2011
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iPhone PC Suite v2.9.53.236

iPhone PC Suite v2.9.53.236 (ENGLISH)(Feb.10 2011)

91 PC Suite for iPhone has updated to V2.9.53.236. You can update your PC Suite to the latest version via the auto-update function, or click on the official download address of Panda PC Suite to download its complete installation package and install it.

Manage your smart phone easily and safely! - Back up and import contacts, back up and import call logs and SMS records, set the ringtones, themes and wallpapers, manage the system, memory and registry of the phone, install and uninstall software, manage schedule…you can manage all functions and settings on your smart phone.
Chat via SMS! - You can chat with your friends and family via the SMS online on your PC easily.
Massive resources, free to install! - Wallpapers, ringtones, themes, softwares, games and eBooks, FREE is our eternal principle.
Gorgeous use experience! - We integrate the
iPhone style in PC Suite to make you enjoy the most fashionable interface and feel the most considerate operation during your use.
91 PC Suite for iPhone V2.9.53.236
New Features:
1.Added a Task tab on the main interface, allowing you to view the download status of various resources (only books, videos and music are supported now).
2.Added support for browsing and downloading online resources when no device has been connected. Only “Apps” and “Media” support this feature now.
3.Added support for downloading online videos in “Media”, allowing you to download desired videos conveniently.
4.Added support for online IPA resources in “Apps”, which will download IPAs for you according to your requirements.
5.Added “Close Security Check” option in Setting, which allows you to open or close the security check for apps.

Feature Improvements:

1.Optimized the skin loading process of PC Suite and replaced the original skin with a more gorgeous one.
Bug Fixes:
1.Fixed the thumbnail loading error on iOS4.2.1 iPads in “Pictures”.
Date de sortie: Samedi 30 avril 2011
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Kaspersky Mobile Security v6.0 (S60v3) Full

Kaspersky Mobile Security v6.0 (S60v3) Full

Kaspersky Mobile Security v6.0 (S60v3) Full | 455 KB
Date de sortie: Vendredi 24 avril 2009
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Microsoft Encarta 2008 (Java)


Microsoft Encarta 2008 (Java) | 5 Mb

Microsof Encarta 2008 is a great encyclopedia that furnishes information on all the Nations of the world.

Information, for every Nation, on:
-Transnational Issues

Compatible with java phones, At least 6 Mb is required to run.
Version: 2008
Date de sortie: Dimanche 23 novembre 2008
Taille: 5 bytes
Auteur/Editeur: admin  Site internet
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IVT BlueSoleil


IVT BlueSoleil | 38 Mb

BlueSoleil includes all the features of BlueSoleil 5.0. BlueSoleil is a Windows-based software from IVT that allows your Bluetooth enabled desktop or notebook computer to wirelessly connect to other Bluetooth enabled devices. BlueSoleil allows MS Windows usersto wirelessly access a wide variety of Bluetooth enabled digital devices, such as mobile phones, headsets, printers, keyboards and so on. You can also form networks and exchange data with other Bluetooth enabled computers. Besides, it can back up your contacts, send messages with your computer without taking your phone out of your pocket. You can also send contents in web pages to your Bluetooth phone directly by just select and send...

Contact management
-- Backup/restore Bluetooth phone's contacts to/from computer
-- View Bluetooth phone's contacts on computer
-- Edit/delete/upload contacts

-- Type and send SMS from your computer
-- View/backup/delete SMS on Bluetooth phones
-- Send contents in a web page to your Bluetooth phone
-- Send pictures or words in a web page to Bluetooth phone

Supported Bluetooth Phones
All Bluetooth phones based on Symbian S60 .
All Bluetooth phones based on Windows Mobile 5.0/6.0 .
Most of Bluetooth phones from Nokia, Moto, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, HTC/Dopod, LG, and BlackBerry etc.

BlueSoleil 6.0 Mobile uses a new method, computer-bundle license mechanism, for license control, instead of checking hardware license key in Bluetooth chipset. This new method does not limited Bluetooth chipset, thus supporting more Bluetooth computer then before, e.g. Lenovo Thinkpad notebooks, which uses Broadcom Bluetooth chipsets.
Version: 2008
Date de sortie: Dimanche 16 novembre 2008
Taille: 38 bytes
Auteur/Editeur: admin  Site internet
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The iPhone Developer's Cookbook

The iPhone Developer's Cookbook
The iPhone Developer's Cookbook
Addison-Wesley Professional | 2008 | English | 384 pages | PDF | 5,37 MB

The iPhone and iPod touch aren’t just attracting millions of new users; their breakthrough development platform enables programmers to build tomorrow’s killer applications. If you’re getting started with iPhone programming, this book brings together tested, ready-to-use code for hundreds of the challenges you’re most likely to encounter. Use this fully documented, easy-to-customize code to get productive fast—and focus your time on the specifics of your application, not boilerplate tasks.

Leading iPhone developer Erica Sadun begins by exploring the iPhone delivery platform and SDK, helping you set up your development environment, and showing how iPhone applications are constructed. Next, she offers single-task recipes for the full spectrum of iPhone/iPod touch programming jobs:
Utilize views and tables
Organize interface elements
Alert and respond to users
Access the Address Book (people), Core Location (places), and Sensors (things)
Connect to the Internet and Web services
Display media content
Create secure Keychain entries
And much more
Version: 2008
Date de sortie: Dimanche 16 novembre 2008
Taille: 537 bytes
Auteur/Editeur: admin  Site internet
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Nokia PC Suite Beta

Nokia PC Suite Beta

Nokia PC Suite is a package of Windows-based PC applications developed especially for use with
Nokia phones. Depending on your phone model, it lets you synchronize, edit, and back up many of
your phone's files on a compatible PC through a wireless or cable connection.

Version: 2008
Date de sortie: Jeudi 06 novembre 2008
Taille: 608 bytes
Auteur/Editeur: admin  Site internet
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The DivX Player plays every DivX video ever created, including purchased or rented DivX movies, DivX HD files, and videos created with advanced features such as menus, subtitles and more. In addition, the DivX Player now allows you to publish videos directly to Stage6. Of course, you can also still burn your DivX movies to disc to play them directly on your TV using a DivX certified device.

Your DivX for Windows download includes:
DivX Player
DivX Community Codec
DivX Web Player

Version: 2008
Date de sortie: Mercredi 05 novembre 2008
Taille: 12 bytes
Auteur/Editeur: admin  Site internet
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Mobiola Web Camera v3.0.15 Symbian S60v3

Mobiola Web Camera v3.0.15 Symbian S60v3
Mobiola Web Camera v3.0.15 Symbian S60v3 | 4MB

Transforms your mobile phone into a high-quality PC webcam.Connects mobile phone to PC using USB, WiFi (select models) and Bluetooth connectivity.Screen Capture functionality, when device screen can be demonstrated on PC real-time. NEW!!! Cool video effects. Have fun and impress your friends! Works with Skype, Yahoo, YouTube, MSN, AOL IM, ICQ and many others as standard USB webcam.Compatible with Symbian S60 and UIQ, Windows Mobile 5 and 6, J2ME devices (see Mobiola Web Camera Lite), Blackberry.
Version: 2008
Date de sortie: Dimanche 26 octobre 2008
Taille: 4 bytes
Auteur/Editeur: admin  Site internet
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